Romance inheritance scam hitting New Brunswickers

By Pierre Little

Here is a document that has been sent to someone I know personally in Fredericton.  This is sent to the victim to prove there is gold to be inherited but not before the perpetrator grooms their victim many months before by skype and online chatting and emails to get the victim emotionally believing that they are in love.  At this stage, they declare they have just inherited millions in gold and need their Canadian love to send money for legal work so they can get married and ride off together and live in luxury with the gold inheritance.

This document tries to demonstrate that it is a gold deposit contract from African Deposit Company, but there are glaring inconsistencies.  The indemnification value is too small for the amount of gold deposited.  Why would anyone deposit gold with Africa Deposit Company with a guarantee that is insufficient?  Also, a quick street view of 23 Park Ave, Accra Ghana on Google Maps clearly shows there are no Gold Deposits buildings or any building that would remotely look like a bank.  In Ghana, there would have to be posted security at this location, as there are at most banks in Ghana.  There are none on Park ave.  Thank goodness for Google Street View.

2019 UPDATE: It has been discovered that the criminals employ women if the victim is male, to start online sexting by text messaging and a video chat pornographic relationship ensues.  This turns the relationship into a sexual one in the mind of the victim.  It is extremely difficult to break them from this delusion. The perpetrator asks for more money when the victim keeps asking for more naked photos to be sent.  They are usually elderly, and even possibly suffering from dementia or other cognitive issues.  With frontal lobe cognitive decline, sexual disinhibition is often a sign.  In this case, it has been confirmed a cognitive deficiency and onset Alzheimers. 

Beware.  RCMP warning posted here:  File a report with the CAFC toll-free at 1-888-495-8501 or online

This is similar to a UK woman, who was arrested for money laundering, as the gang of scammers asked her to use her UK bank account to accept checks from other victims they were scamming and have her send it to them in Ghana by Moneygram or Western Union.  

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