Commentary: Liberals are confused once again

By Pierre Little
The Telegraph-Journal is reporting tonight that there is a new rule that family doctors will not be allowed to refuse a patients demand for an abortion and must provide a referral if they refuse on conscientious or religious grounds.
The repeal will have extreme consequences for any physician in the province and it's beginning to looks like the former McKenna government's medically needed requirement was an astute and balanced approach to the problem.
Even with all the accolades from feminist groups, Pro-abortion advocates have not been given what they have asked for.  Their wish was for private on demand abortion clinic Medicare funding. So the recent change in policy is a hollow victory.
As it turns out, the Gallant govenment has just made their abortion repeal a thornier one to implement.  NB doctors may refuse to comply with and will likely reject being coerced into an on demand abortion regime.  The brain power of the Liberals will likely have to be better equipped than the PHDs who practice medicine in province.  To the Liberals I say, good luck with that.
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